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Thank you for a wonderful weekend in LA. You have worked extremely hard to put this together, you and your team, and you created something magical. It takes enormous strength to organize an event of this size, and you have done so beautifully. Thank you for having me on your team. I hope you both get the rest you deserve as soon as possible, and I hope to see you again soon.

Melina Mistral

Amazing! Thank you for bringing so many amazing DJs and dancers to one place! And such a beautiful venue!

Yelizaveta Nersesova

The Gavito Tango Festival was a perfect event from every point of view – from breathtaking performances, to countless hours of dancing on the tunes of top-notch DJs, to workshops with some of the world’s top Maestros, all held in the most glamorous venue I’ve ever seen in the US. As on of our table neighbor put it, “If you can only Pick One Tango event to attend per year, The Gavito Festival is the event not to miss”

Eduard Koller

A ridiculously fun weekend attending the Gavito Tango Festival. Tango classes, endless dancing from noon to 3am, sweet NeoTango including magical glow-in-the-dark dancing.

Andrea Leksen

Had a great time at the Gavito Tango Festival this weekend… Very grateful for the hospitality of Tanya and Dennis and their amazing organization of this tremendous celebration of Tango… Lots of love was felt at this event.


What an incredible weekend it has been at the Gavito Tango Festival, one that will undoubtedly stay etched in our hearts throughout the year. From the very instant we stepped into the exquisite Millennium Biltmore Hotel, we were transported to a world of elegance that perfectly complemented the beauty of Argentine tango. The venue’s classy empire-style architecture provided a captivating backdrop for a weekend brimming with grace and passion. Throughout the festival, with its uninterrupted hours of dancing, captivating performances by the most gifted Maestros, and enriching tango workshops, it was evident that no detail had been spared in the organization. The result was nothing short of excellence! However, beyond the flawless execution of the event, our deepest gratitude goes out to Dennis Cante and Tanya Spektor. They went above and beyond to foster an environment of inclusivity and warmth within the Tango community. It was a place where everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, confession, or orientation, not only felt welcome but truly seen. It’s a beautiful testament to Tango’s ability to unite people from all walks of life. Over the weekend, we had the privilege of forging connections with the dancers from across the United States and even other countries. It’s truly remarkable how Tango can transcend cultural boundaries and continents, enabling us to embrace one another and share the profound joy that flows from one heart to another. In the spirit of unity and harmony, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude once more to the Gavito Tango Festival organizers, Dennis and Tanya, and all the remarkable artists who made this event possible. Thank you for creating a space where Tango transcends borders and enriches our lives with its beauty and passion. Here’s to cherishing the memory of an exceptional weekend and looking forward to the promise of many more tango-filled adventures in the future!

Marina Vinokur

It was an incredible event!

John Singletary

We had a fantastic time at the Gavito Tango Festival. Consider coming next year!

Maria Soledad De Bilbao

What a place! It was a dream to dance all night in this beautiful ballroom with amazing orchestras, DJs, people from all over the world and the greatest Maestros from Argentina. Thank you Tanya and Dennis for organizing a World Class Festival! See you next year.

Monica Merlitti

The Gavito Tango Festival was an amazing event. The organizers Tanya and Denni are top notch amazing organizers and think of absolutely everything. Knowing the amazing amount of work and the huge financial risk for minimal if any payback makes it even more outstanding… Great job to all involved in this amazing event. WELL DONE!

Jim Baker

I want to thank this incredible powerhouse, Dennis and Tanya, for their endless energy, positive vibe, exquisite taste, and love for Tango. I know firsthand the amount of effort it takes to organize a World Class Festival and they did it yet again! Congratulations and heartfelt thank you for making the Gavito Tango Festival possible. It was an honor and privilege to be part of it! We can’t wait for the next one!

Julia Schiptsova & Davood Yazdani

Tanya and Dennis! You did such an incredible job! The greatest Tango Festival I have ever been to. I‘ll be there next year.

Randy Cervantes

Sign me up for 2024! You know I have been super fortunate as a frequent traveler to go to many tango festivals around the world and you both have created a brilliant Masterpiece for our wonderful city of Los Angeles. Congratulations on all your hard work, everyone truly loves this festival


Tanya and Dennis Congratulations and thank you for all the magnificent Maestros. Truly Best Tango Event of the year!

Abed Charamand