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Dennis Cante & Tanya Spektor

Gavito Tango Festival Producers and Organizers

Dennis Cante and Tanya Spektor are organizers and producers of Gavito Tango Festival. They have been active members, organizers and teachers in the Los Angeles Tango community. They host bi-monthly Milonga Gavito in the Tarzana and Brentwood area of Los Angeles which has become one of the most popular and friendliest places to be at on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Their Milonga Gavito in Tarzana provides a unique opportunity for dancers to enjoy and dance to both Traditional and Alternative music, bringing these two styles under one roof. Dennis Cante is also a founder of Dennis Cante Tango Academy, where both Dennis and Tanya are instructors. Their program of progressive Argentine Tango for Social dancing classes (both group and private lessons) has produced and nurtured many successful social dancers. They are very proud of their Tango Family and with every event they organize they always strive to provide a top quality experience while preserving and conveying traditional values of authentic Argentine Tango whether it be within group or private classes, special events or Milongas!

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