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DJ Lila Grace

Neo DJ

Lila Grace found her love of tango in 2000 while living in Miami and had the opportunity to learn this dance from the amazing maestros & maestras that she met working for the Int’l Tango Fantasy Festival. She continues to evolve with this dance and the power it has on people. Her love for the dance is coupled by her love of the music. As a lifetime dancer of several different disciplines, she values the musical, emotional and somatic shapes and dynamics that tango musicians have evolved to express through sound.  Always remembering a lesson from Carlos Gavito: “You have 3 partners in this dance: the person in your embrace, the dance floor you are connected to, and the music you are listening to”; The partnering of heart, soul and connection is the inspiration behind all of her playlists. Recently, she’s been creating a Mixed Music Milonga experience for dancers in Ventura County, CA and is excited to be invited to participate as a DJ at the 2023 Gavito Festival!