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DJ Alex Krebs


Born at a very young age, Alex never thought that becoming a tango DJ would manifest into a reality.

Through countless hours spent listening, learning, being inspired and also suffering through sub-par evenings of music, Alex finally arrived at his meaning of life: to DJ a 3-hour milonga.

While the bags under Alex’s eyes are not Gucci, they do reflect a designer-level brand of tango-inspired-sleep-deprived quality of DJing forged over several decades of DJing milongas worldwide.

As a recovering Pugliese addict, Alex’s style of DJing strives to be different, like everyone else’s, and he is found to play decent music on occasion.

While not reading tango DJ bios, Alex enjoys long walks on the beach and spending time nurturing his dysfunctional relationship with his pet bando, Mr. McBellows.